TalkingBB update.

Attention all TBB members.

We have taken the decision to archive all the topics relevant to running a BB account. These still remain but are now readable for now.

Since the BB "Site Temporarily Closed' notice appeared we have had a thread open for discussion for affiliates to weigh up their options and consider their next move. We have always tried to be as balanced and transparent as possible on TBB and even in the difficult current climate, this is no different. To that end we published all confirmed links to the ongoing actions in Isle-of-Man and Canada as they appeared and these will be updated as required.

Until such time as BB release information or make the next move there is little to be gained by covering old ground. When something relevant to your BB account is released we will advise, until then we recommend that you focus on your other income producing activities. Please use the new category provided for this.

TBB Team